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PDFWAC 296-874-40006

Make sure supported scaffolds are properly supported.

(1) You must make sure supported scaffold poles, legs, posts, frames, and uprights are:
(a) Plumb; and
(b) Braced to prevent swaying or displacement.
(2) You must make sure supported scaffold poles, legs, posts, frames, and uprights, bear on base plates that rest on:
(a) Mudsills; or
(b) Other firm foundations such as concrete or dry, compacted soil.
(3) You must make sure foundations are all of the following:
(a) Level;
(b) Sound;
(c) Rigid;
(d) Capable of supporting the loaded scaffold without settling or displacement.
The condition of the foundation may change due to weather or other factors. If changes occur, the foundation needs to be evaluated by a competent person to make sure it will safely support the scaffold.
(4) You must make sure unstable objects are not used:
(a) To support scaffolds or platform units; or
(b) As working platforms.
(5) You must make sure mobile scaffolds meet these additional requirements:
(a) Wheel and caster stems are pinned or otherwise secured in the scaffold legs or adjustment screws;
(b) Wheels and casters are locked, or equivalent means are used, to prevent movement when the scaffold is being used;
(c) Screw jacks or other equivalent means are used if it's necessary to level the work platform.
(6) You must make sure front-end loaders and similar equipment used to support scaffold platforms have been specifically designed for such use by the manufacturer.
When forklifts or other powered industrial trucks are used for personnel lifting on support scaffold platforms, follow the requirements found in Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks, chapter 296-863 WAC.
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