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Chapter 296-864 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF296-864-200Wheel components.
HTMLPDF296-864-20005Make sure wheel components are compatible.
HTMLPDF296-864-20010Make sure rim wheels are serviced safely.
HTMLPDF296-864-20015Make sure damaged wheel components are not used.
HTMLPDF296-864-300Restraint devices.
HTMLPDF296-864-30005Use a restraining device.
HTMLPDF296-864-30010Make sure the restraint device meets these requirements.
HTMLPDF296-864-30015Provide charts or rim manuals.
HTMLPDF296-864-400Service split rim wheels safely.
HTMLPDF296-864-40005Establish a safe operating procedure for split rim wheels.
HTMLPDF296-864-40010Follow these procedures for demounting split rim wheels.
HTMLPDF296-864-40015Follow these procedures when working on split rim wheels and components.
HTMLPDF296-864-40020Follow these procedures for inflating split rim wheels.
HTMLPDF296-864-500Service single-piece rim wheels safely.
HTMLPDF296-864-50005Establish a safe operating procedure for single-piece rim wheels.
HTMLPDF296-864-50010Follow these procedures for demounting single-piece rim wheels.
HTMLPDF296-864-50015Follow these procedures when working on single-piece rim wheels and components.
HTMLPDF296-864-50020Follow these procedures for inflating single-piece rim wheels.
HTMLPDF296-864-600Employee training.
HTMLPDF296-864-60005Train employees who service rim wheels.
HTMLPDF296-864-60010Make sure employees demonstrate and retain the ability to service rim wheels safely.
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