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PDFWAC 296-831-300

Panic button requirements.

(1) Adult entertainment establishments must provide a panic button in each room in the establishment in which an entertainer may be alone with a customer, and in bathrooms and dressing rooms. An entertainer may use the panic button if the entertainer has been harmed, reasonably believes there is a risk of harm, or there is another emergency in the entertainer's presence. The entertainer may cease work and leave the immediate area to await the arrival of assistance.
(2) Panic buttons, and their associated alarm(s), must be silent (discreet) at the entertainer's point of use, while still effectively alerting whomever you have determined to be responsible for responding to emergencies.
Panic buttons that trigger a recognizable (audible/visual/tactile) alarm at the entertainer's point of use may be used in specific locations within an establishment where alarms are required but only if you have assessed your business operations and alarm system with your required safety and health committee (see WAC 296-800-130 Safety committees/safety meetingsSummary) and the committee has unanimously determined that such an alarm would be more effective for a particular location within your establishment where an alarm is required. In such cases, this determination is limited to a particular location within your establishment and must be documented along with other required safety committee documentation.
(3) Adult entertainment establishments must test and maintain your alarm system regularly to ensure that it will function as intended when needed.
(a) Testing must be performed at least annually, or at whatever interval is recommended by the alarm system manufacturer (this information is typically found in the owner's manual).
(b) Adult entertainment establishments must keep a record that includes the dates of all testing or maintenance performed and any pertinent details such as errors corrected or adjustments made.
Appendix A contains a nonmandatory panic button checklist that adult entertainment establishments can use to assist in identifying panic button and response procedure related hazards in their workplace, and to aid establishments in evaluating what performance criteria will address the violence-based hazards in their establishment.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 49.17 RCW and RCW 49.17.470. WSR 22-10-070, § 296-831-300, filed 5/3/22, effective 7/1/22.]
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