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PDFWAC 296-829-40020

Make sure the load is handled correctly.

(1) You must make sure signal systems, whether radio or hand signals, are checked before hoisting the load. When using hand signals, use those shown in Illustration 1.
(2) You must make sure workers on the ground do either of the following before touching the suspended load:
(a) Use a ground device to safely discharge any static charge; or
(b) Put on and wear rubber gloves.
(3) You must make sure there are enough employees for safe loading and unloading operations.
(4) You must make sure constant communications are maintained between the pilot and signal person.
(5) You must make sure the signal person is distinctly recognizable from other ground personnel.
helicopter hand signals
Left arm extended horizontally; right arm sweeps upward to position over.
The signal "Hold" is executed by placing arms over head with clenched fists.
Right arm extended horizontally; left sweeps upward to position over head.
Right hand behind back; left hand pointing up.
Combination of arm and hand movement in a collecting motion pulling toward head.
Arms crossed in front of body and pointing downward.
Hands above arm, palms out using a noticeable showing motion.
Arms extended, palms up; arms sweeping up.
Left arm held down away from body. Right arm cuts across left arm in a slashing movement from above.
Arms extended, palms down; arms sweeping down.
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