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PDFWAC 296-79-280

Chip and hog fuel storage.

(1) Entry into chip bins and silos must be in compliance with the requirements of confined space entry, WAC 296-79-230, of this chapter.
(a) Chip and sawdust bins. Steam or compressed air lances, or other safe methods, must be used for breaking bridges and hangups.
(b) Employees must be prohibited from working under or on top overhangs or bridges. Extreme care must be taken to prevent chips or hog fuel from creating an overhang or bridging.
(c) Hog fuel bins must be provided with an approved railed platform or walkways near the top or other approved means must be provided for use of employees engaged in dislodging hog fuel.
(2) Exterior chip and hog fuel storage.
(a) When mobile equipment is used on top of hog fuel or chip piles, a roll-over protection system must be installed on the equipment.
(b) If the cab is of the enclosed type, windshield wipers must be installed.
(c) If used during hours of darkness the area must be adequately illuminated or the equipment must have adequate lights to provide the operator sufficient illumination to safely perform the work.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, 49.17.040, 49.17.050, and 49.17.060. WSR 17-16-132, § 296-79-280, filed 8/1/17, effective 9/1/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, [49.17].040 and [49.17].050. WSR 99-16-083, § 296-79-280, filed 8/3/99, effective 11/3/99; Order 74-24, § 296-79-280, filed 5/6/74; Order 70-6, § 296-79-280, filed 7/10/70, effective 8/10/70.]
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