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PDFWAC 296-78-620

Miscellaneous woodworking machinesPlaners, stickers, molders, matchers.

(1) Each planing, molding, sticking and matching machine must have all cutting heads, and saws if used, covered by a solid metal guard. If such guard is constructed of sheet metal, the material used must be not less than one-sixteenth inch in thickness, and if cast iron is used, it must be not less than three-sixteenths inch in thickness.
(2) Planers, stickers, molding, sticking and matching machines must be provided with exhaust fans, hoods and dust conveyors to remove the harmful dusts, etc., from the vicinity of the operator. Such hoods may be arranged to serve as guards for cutting heads.
(3) Planers and other machinery or equipment must not be oiled while in motion, unless provided with guards or other devices to permit oiling without any possibility of contact with moving parts of machinery.
(4) Feed rolls must be guarded by means of roll covers, bars or strips, attached to the roll frame in such manner as to remain in adjustment for any thickness of lumber.
(5) Levers or controls must be arranged or guarded so as to prevent accidental operation of machines.
(a) Foot treadle operated machines must have a treadle guard fastened over the treadle.
(b) Locks, blocks, or other devices must be provided for positive immobilization of machine controls while repairs or adjustments are being made.
(6) Side head hoods must be of sufficient height to safeguard the head set screw.
(7) Side heads must not be adjusted while the machine is in operation, except when extension adjusting devices are provided.
(8) Side belt and pulley guards must be kept in place at all times the machine is in motion.
(9) All universal joints must be enclosed.
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