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PDFWAC 296-62-07619

Hygiene facilities and practices.

(1) Change rooms.
(a) The employer must provide clean change rooms for employees, who must wear protective clothing, or who must use protective equipment because of their exposure to MDA.
(b) Change rooms must be equipped with separate storage for protective clothing and equipment and for street clothes which prevents MDA contamination of street clothes.
(2) Showers.
(a) The employer must ensure that employees, who work in areas where there is the potential for exposure resulting from airborne MDA (e.g., particulates or vapors) above the action level, shower at the end of the work shift.
(i) Shower facilities required by this section must comply with WAC 296-800-23065.
(ii) The employer must ensure that employees who are required to shower pursuant to the provisions contained herein do not leave the workplace wearing any protective clothing or equipment worn during the work shift.
(b) Where dermal exposure to MDA occurs, the employer must ensure that materials spilled or deposited on the skin are removed as soon as possible by methods which do not facilitate the dermal absorption of MDA.
(3) Lunch facilities.
(a) Availability and construction.
(i) Whenever food or beverages are consumed at the worksite and employees are exposed to MDA at or above the PEL or are subject to dermal exposure to MDA the employer must provide readily accessible lunch areas.
(ii) Lunch areas located within the workplace and in areas where there is the potential for airborne exposure to MDA at or above the PEL must have a positive pressure, temperature controlled, filtered air supply.
(iii) Lunch areas may not be located in areas within the workplace where the potential for dermal exposure to MDA exists.
(b) The employer must ensure that employees who have been subjected to dermal exposure to MDA or who have been exposed to MDA above the PEL wash their hands and faces with soap and water prior to eating, drinking, smoking, or applying cosmetics.
(c) The employer must ensure that employees exposed to MDA do not enter lunch facilities with MDA-contaminated protective work clothing or equipment.
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