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PDFWAC 296-62-07425

Communication of cadmium hazards.

(1) General. Chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors and employers must comply with all requirements of WAC 296-901-140 Hazard communication.
(2) In classifying the hazards of cadmium at least the following hazards are to be addressed: Cancer; lung effects; kidney effects; and acute toxicity effects.
(3) Employers must include cadmium in the hazard communication program established to comply with WAC 296-901-140 Hazard communication. Employers must ensure that each employee has access to labels on containers of cadmium and to safety data sheets (SDSs), and is trained in accordance with the requirements of WAC 296-901-140 Hazard communication and subsection (m)(4) of this section.
(4) Warning signs.
(a) Warning signs must be provided and displayed in regulated areas. In addition, warning signs must be posted at all approaches to regulated areas so that an employee may read the signs and take necessary protective steps before entering the area.
(b) The employer must ensure that signs required by this subsection are illuminated, cleaned, and maintained as necessary so that the legend is readily visible.
(c) Warning signs required by (a) of this subsection must bear the following legend:
(5) Warning labels.
(a) Shipping and storage containers containing cadmium, cadmium compounds, or cadmium contaminated clothing, equipment, waste, scrap, or debris must bear appropriate warning labels, as specified in subsection (1) of this section.
(b) The warning labels for containers of contaminated protective clothing, equipment, waste, scrap, or debris must include at least the following information:
(c) Where feasible, installed cadmium products must have a visible label or other indication that cadmium is present.
(6) Employee information and training.
(a) The employer must train each employee who is potentially exposed to cadmium in accordance with the requirements of this chapter. The employer must institute a training program, ensure employee participation in the program, and maintain a record of the contents of such program.
(b) Training must be provided prior to or at the time of initial assignment to a job involving potential exposure to cadmium and at least annually thereafter.
(c) The employer must make the training program understandable to the employee and must ensure that each employee is informed of the following:
(i) The health hazards associated with cadmium exposure, with special attention to the information incorporated in WAC 296-62-07441, Appendix A;
(ii) The quantity, location, manner of use, release, and storage of cadmium in the workplace and the specific nature of operations that could result in exposure to cadmium, especially exposures above the PEL;
(iii) The engineering controls and work practices associated with the employee's job assignment;
(iv) The measures employees can take to protect themselves from exposure to cadmium, including modification of such habits as smoking and personal hygiene, and specific procedures the employer has implemented to protect employees from exposure to cadmium such as appropriate work practices, emergency procedures, and the provision of personal protective equipment;
(v) The purpose, proper selection, fitting, proper use, and limitations of protective clothing;
(vi) The purpose and a description of the medical surveillance program required by WAC 296-62-07423;
(vii) The contents of this section and its appendices;
(viii) The employee's rights of access to records under WAC 296-901-140 and chapter 296-802 WAC; and
(ix) The purpose, proper use, limitations, and other training requirements for respiratory protection as required in chapter 296-842 WAC.
(d) Additional access to information and training program and materials.
(i) The employer must make a copy of this section and its appendices readily available without cost to all affected employees and must provide a copy if requested.
(ii) The employer must provide to the director, upon request, all materials relating to the employee information and the training program.
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