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PDFWAC 296-62-07314

Medical surveillance.

(1) At no cost to the employee, a program of medical surveillance must be established and implemented for employees considered for assignment to enter regulated areas, and for authorized employees.
(2) Examinations.
(a) Before an employee is assigned to enter a regulated area, a preassignment physical examination by a physician must be provided and must include a personal history of the employee and/or their family and occupational background, including genetic and environmental factors.
(i) Taking of employees' medical history and background history must be considered to be a routine part of standard medical practice.
(ii) This provision does not require "genetic testing" of any employee.
(iii) This provision does not require the exclusion of otherwise qualified employees from jobs on the basis of genetic factors.
(b) Authorized employees must be provided periodic physical examination, not less often than annually, following the preassignment examination.
(c) In all physical examinations, the examining physician must be requested to consider whether there exist conditions of increased risk, including reduced immunological competence, pregnancy, cigarette smoking, and those undergoing treatment with steroids or cytotoxic agents.
(3) Records.
(a) Employers of employees examined pursuant to this subdivision must maintain complete and accurate records of all such medical examinations. Records must be maintained for the duration of the employee's employment. The employer must ensure that medical records are maintained and made available in accordance with chapter 296-802 WAC, Employee medical and exposure records.
(b) Records required by this section must be provided upon request to employees, designated representatives, and the director in accordance with chapter 296-802 WAC.
(c) Any employer who requests a physical examination of an employee or prospective employee as required by this section must obtain from the physician a statement of the employee's suitability for employment in the specific exposure.
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