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PDFWAC 296-46B-553

Special occupanciesFloating buildings.

004 Floating buildings and similar facilities - Services and feeders.
(1) Where electrical power is provided, floating buildings and similar facilities in addition to complying with the appropriate sections of Article 553 NEC must have a readily accessible service rated disconnect located on the shoreline within sight of the shoreline connection of the dock, wharf or similar structure to which the floating building or similar facility is moored.
(2) Where shore power is provided, each floating building or similar facility must have a disconnecting means located within sight of each floating building or similar facility. The disconnecting means must be installed adjacent to but not in or on the floating building or similar facility.
(3) The second sentence of NEC 553.4 is amended to read: The overcurrent protective devices that supply the floating building shall have ground-fault protection not exceeding 30 mA. Until July 1, 2018, the ground-fault protection level specified in this subsection is amended to allow a maximum of: 100 mA for overcurrent devices supplying feeder conductors; and 30 mA for overcurrent devices supplying branch circuit conductors and outlets.
The third sentence of NEC 553.4 is not adopted.
007 Floating buildings and similar installations - Wiring methods.
(4) Extra-hard usage portable power cables rated not less than 75°C, 600 volts, listed for wet locations and sunlight resistance and having an outer jacket rated for the environment may be used as a permanent wiring method when joining the structures indicated above and for any concealed or protected wiring on a sectionalized floating dock leading to a floating building or similar facility. The cable needs to be resistant only to environments it is normally exposed to on an ongoing basis.
(5) Conductors operating in excess of 600 volts, nominal may not be installed on floating portions of a floating building or similar facility.
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