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PDFWAC 296-46B-514

Motor fuel dispensing facilities.

001 General.
(1) In addition to the scope included in NEC 514.1, Article 514 NEC must be complied with for all liquefied flammable gas storage or transfer facilities.
003 Classifications of locations.
(2) For the purposes of NEC 514.3 (D)(2), delete Exception No. 1 and No. 2 and replace with:
Dock, pier, or wharf sections that do not support fuel dispensers and may abut a section(s) that supports a fuel dispenser(s) are permitted to be unclassified where documented air space between the sections is provided and where flammable liquids or vapors cannot travel to these sections. See NEC 500.4 for documentation requirements.
011 Emergency disconnecting means - Dispensing and service stations.
(3) An emergency disconnecting means or operator must be provided to disconnect the pump or dispensing equipment serving gasoline, volatile flammable liquids, or liquefied flammable gases. The emergency disconnecting means or operator must disconnect all conductors of the circuit supplying all station dispensers and/or pumps (including the grounded conductor) simultaneously from the source(s) of supply.
(4) For installations with only one dispensing device, the emergency disconnecting means/operator may be used to satisfy subsection (3) of this section.
(5) For multicircuit installations, an electrically held normally open contactor operated by a push-button may serve as the disconnecting means to satisfy subsection (3) of this section. If a disconnecting pushbutton is used, the pushbutton may not function as the resetting mechanism for the electrically held contactor. The resetting means must be:
(a) Located at least 15 feet or out of sight from the disconnecting pushbutton;
(b) Installed behind a cover or guard; and
(c) Identified with an identification plate that is substantially black in color.
(6) The disconnecting means satisfying subsection (3) of this section must be labeled with an identification plate, with letters at least one inch high, as the emergency disconnecting means. The disconnecting means or operator must be substantially red in color.
013 Maintenance and service of dispensing equipment.
(7) The means to remove all external voltage sources for maintenance and service of dispensing equipment required by NEC 514.13 must be capable of isolating each dispenser individually from all external voltage sources including the grounded conductor, while all other dispensers remain operational.
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