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PDFWAC 296-45-48535

Chemical cleaning of boilers and pressure vessels.

The following requirements apply to chemical cleaning of boilers and pressure vessels:
(1) Areas where chemical cleaning is in progress must be cordoned off to restrict access during cleaning. If flammable liquids, gases, or vapors or combustible materials will be used or might be produced during the cleaning process, the following requirements also apply:
(a) The area must be posted with signs restricting entry and warning of the hazards of fire and explosion; and
(b) Smoking, welding, and other possible ignition sources are prohibited in these restricted areas.
(2) The number of personnel in the restricted area must be limited to those necessary to accomplish the task safely.
(3) There must be ready access to water or showers for emergency use.
See WAC 296-800-230, of the safety and health core rules, for requirements that apply to the water supply and to washing facilities.
(4) Employees in restricted areas must wear protective equipment meeting the requirements of this chapter and including, but not limited to, protective clothing, boots, goggles, and gloves.
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