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PDFWAC 296-45-255

Protective equipment.

(1) Rubber protective equipment must be in accordance with and tested as follows:
Rubber Insulating Gloves
(ASTM) D 120-2002
Rubber Matting for Use
(ASTM) D 178-2001
Around Electrical Apparatus
Rubber Insulating Blankets
(ASTM) D 1048-1999
Rubber Insulating Hoods
(ASTM) D 1049-2002
Rubber Insulating Line Hose
(ASTM) D 1050-1999
Rubber Insulating Sleeves
(ASTM) D 1051-2002
(2) No protective equipment or material other than rubber must be used: Provided, That such other nonconductive equipment may be used if it provides equal or better (dielectric) electrical and mechanical protection than rubber protective equipment: Provided, That the employer obtain before placing in service, manufacturer's data or other data to demonstrate that such nonrubber protective equipment provided equal or better electrical and mechanical protection than approved rubber equipment.
(3) Protective equipment must not be used at voltages in excess of that for which the manufacturer has supplied data to the employer demonstrating that it is fit for such voltages.
(4) No protective equipment must be modified, altered, or used for purposes other than those for which it is designed unless and until the manufacturer has, in writing, agreed or suggested that there be such modification, alteration, or use.
(5) Each rubber glove before it is used must be inspected for defects and an approved air test performed. If, upon inspection, rubber gloves are either defective or appear to be defective, they must not be used.
(6) Before being placed in service, all rubber protective equipment must be numbered and records kept for test purposes and assignment.
(7) Rubber protective equipment must not be used unless it has been dielectrically tested within six months and bears marking or identification of the date of the test or the expiration date.
(8) Protector gloves must be worn over insulating gloves.
Protector gloves need not be used with Class 0 gloves, under limited-use conditions, where small equipment and parts manipulation necessitate unusually high finger dexterity.
Extra care is needed in the visual examination of the glove and in the avoidance of handling sharp objects.
(9) Rubber gloves when not in use must be carried in an approved bag provided and designed for that purpose. It must be provided by the employer and made available to the employees.
(10) Approved rubber gloves and carrying bag must be assigned to each employee who works with, or is exposed to energized parts.
(11) Rubber protective equipment must not be vulcanized or patched.
(12) A compartment or box must be provided on each electric line truck, which box or compartment must be used for storing rubber protective equipment. No equipment must be stored in said compartment or box which can or could cause damage to the rubber equipment or goods placed in the compartment or box. Additionally, a separate container or compartment must be provided for rubber blankets.
(13) Line hose must not be doubled on themselves at any time. All blankets before storage must be wiped clean and rolled, not folded, before being placed in the container or box.
(14) Protective line equipment of material other than rubber must be kept clean and visually inspected before each use.
(15) If protective line equipment of material other than rubber is found to be substantially defective or unsuitable for the purpose for which it is designed and intended, said protective line equipment must not be used for personal protection of employees as may be required in Table 2 of this chapter. Said protective line equipment must be marked defective but may be otherwise used unless the defect or damage to said protective line equipment creates additional safety hazards.
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