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PDFWAC 296-307-40009

Systems mounted on farm wagons (implements of husbandry) for the application of ammonia.

This section applies to systems mounted on farm equipment that are used for the field application of ammonia.
WAC 296-307-40011 through 296-307-40037 also apply unless otherwise noted.
(1) All containers must be securely mounted.
(2) Container valves and accessories must meet the following requirements:
(a) Each container has a fixed maximum liquid-level gauge.
(b) The filling connection is fitted with one of the following:
(i) A combination back-pressure check valve and excess-flow valve; or
(ii) One double or two single back-pressure check valves; or
(iii) A positive shut-off valve that has either an internal back-pressure check valve or an internal excess flow valve.
(c) An excess-flow valve is not required in the vapor connection if the controlling orifice is a maximum of 7/16 inch in diameter and the valve is a hand-operated shut-off valve. To assist in filling applicator tanks, the employer may bleed vapors to the open air, if this requirement is met.
(d) Metering devices may be connected directly to the tank withdrawal valve. The employer may use a union type connection between the tank valve and metering device. The employer may use remote mounting of metering devices if the hose meets the requirements of Appendix B. When the applicator tank is trailed and the metering device is remotely mounted, such as on the tractor tool bar, the employer must use an automatic break-away type, self-closing coupling.
(e) No excess-flow valve is required in the liquid withdrawal line if the controlling orifice between the contents of the container and the outlet of the shut-off valve is a maximum of 7/16 inch in diameter.
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