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PDFWAC 296-307-29005

Requirements that apply to auger conveying equipment.

Augers. Screw conveyors and related accessories designed primarily for conveying agricultural materials on farms.
(1) Power take-off shafts must be guarded according to WAC 296-307-28046.
(2) All augers must be covered or guarded when exposed to contact.
(3) The employer must ensure that each sweep auger has its top half shielded by a guard. All guard openings must be no larger than 4 3/4 inches across.
(4) The employer must ensure that the exposed auger at the hopper and the intake is guarded or designed to prevent accidental contact with the rotating inlet area. The guard must extend at least 2 1/2 inches above and below the exposed auger. Openings in the guard, for the free flow of material, must be no larger than 4 3/4 inches across and must be strong enough to support 250 pounds at mid span.
(5) The hand raising winch must have a control that will hold the auger at any angle, and that will only respond to the control. The employer must ensure that the operator is able to lower the auger without disengaging the control. The maximum force required on the handle to raise or lower the auger manually must be 50 pounds.
(6) The wire rope lifting pulleys must be grooved to fit the wire rope used.
(7) In order to avoid separation, the employer must provide a positive restraint between the auger tube and the under-carriage lifting arm. The employer must provide stops that restrict the maximum raised angle and minimum lowered angle.
(8) Wire ropes (cables) must be rust resistant and selected for the design load and service intended.
(9) The employer must provide the auger operator with service and operation instructions that include safe operation and servicing practices.
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