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PDFWAC 296-304-05013

Working surfaces.

(1) When firebox floors present tripping hazards of exposed tubing or of missing or removed refractory, sufficient planking to afford safe footing must be laid while work is being carried on within the boiler.
(2) You must provide and ensure the use of fall protection when employees work aloft or elsewhere at elevations more than 5 feet above a solid surface.
(a) Employees must be protected by the use of scaffolds, ladders, or personal protection equipment according to chapter 296-880 WAC, Unified safety standards for fall protection.
(b) Employees must work from scaffolds when visually restricted by:
(i) Blasting hoods;
(ii) Welding helmets; and
(iii) Burning goggles; except:
(A) For the initial and final welding or burning operation to start or complete a job such as the erection and dismantling of hung scaffolding; or
(B) Other similar, nonrepetitive jobs of brief duration.
(3) For work performed in restricted quarters, such as behind boilers and in between congested machinery units and piping, work platforms at least 20 inches wide meeting the requirements of WAC 296-304-05001 (8)(b) must be used. Backrails may be omitted if bulkheading, boilers, machinery units, or piping afford proper protection against falling.
(4) When employees are boarding, leaving, or working from small boats or floats, they must be protected by personal flotation devices meeting the requirements of WAC 296-304-09017(1).
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