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PDFWAC 296-304-01023

Appendix A—Model fire safety plan.

This appendix is nonmandatory and provides guidance to assist employers in establishing a fire safety plan as required in WAC 296-304-01007.
Table of Contents
1. Purpose.
2. Worksite fire hazards and how to properly control them.
3. Alarm systems and how to report fires.
4. How to evacuate in different emergency situations.
5. Employee awareness.
1. Purpose
The purpose of this fire safety plan is to inform our employees of how we will control and reduce the possibility of fire in the workplace and to specify what equipment employees may use in case of fire.
2. Work site fire hazards and how to properly control them
(a) Measures to contain fires.
(b) Teaching selected employees how to use fire protection equipment.
(c) What to do if you discover a fire.
(d) Potential ignition sources for fires and how to control them.
(e) Types of fire protection equipment and systems that can control a fire.
(f) The level of firefighting capability present in the facility, vessel, or vessel section.
(g) Description of the personnel responsible for maintaining equipment, alarms, and systems that are installed to prevent or control fire ignition sources, and to control fuel source hazards.
3. Alarm systems and how to report fires
(a) A demonstration of alarm procedures, if more than one type exists.
(b) The worksite emergency alarm system.
(c) Procedures for reporting fires.
4. How to evacuate in different emergency situations
(a) Emergency escape procedures and route assignments.
(b) Procedures to account for all employees after completing an emergency evacuation.
(c) What type of evacuation is needed and what the employee's role is in carrying out the plan.
(d) Helping physically impaired employees.
5. Employee awareness
Names, job titles, or departments of individuals who can be contacted for further information about this plan.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, 49.17.040, 49.17.050, 49.17.060. WSR 07-17-034, § 296-304-01023, filed 8/7/07, effective 12/1/07.]
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