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PDFWAC 296-24-60205


(1) Reels and cabinets. Where reels or cabinets are provided to contain fire hose, you must ensure that they are designed to facilitate prompt use of the hose valves, the hose, and other equipment at the time of a fire or other emergency. You must ensure that the reels and cabinets are conspicuously identified and used only for fire equipment.
(2) Hose outlets and connections.
(a) You must ensure that hose outlets and connections are located high enough above the floor to avoid being obstructed and to be accessible to employees.
(b) You must standardize screw threads or provide appropriate adapters throughout the system and assure that the hose connections are compatible with those used on the supporting fire equipment.
(3) Hose.
(a) You must ensure that every one and one-half inch (3.8 cm) or smaller hose outlet used to meet this standard is equipped with hose connected and ready for use. In extremely cold climates where such installation may result in damaged equipment, the hose may be stored in another location provided it is readily available and can be connected when needed.
(b) You must equip standpipe systems installed after July 1, 1982, for use by employees, with lined hose. Unlined hose may remain in use on existing systems. However, after the effective date of this standard, you must replace unlined hose which becomes unserviceable with lined hose.
(c) Employers must provide hose of sufficient length so that friction, resulting from water flowing through the hose, does not decrease the pressure at the nozzle below 30 psi (210 kPa). The dynamic pressure at the nozzle must be within the range of 30 psi (210 kPa) to 125 psi (860 kPa).
(4) Nozzles. Employers must make sure that standpipe hoses are equipped with shut-off type nozzles.
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