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PDFWAC 296-24-47513

Storage of containers awaiting use or resale.

(1) Application. This section applies to the storage of portable containers not in excess of one thousand pounds water capacity, filled or partially filled, at user location but not connected for use, or in storage for resale by dealers or resellers. This section does not apply to containers stored at charging plants or at plants devoted primarily to the storage and distribution of LP-gas or other petroleum products.
(2) General.
(a) You must locate containers in storage so as to minimize exposure to excessive temperature rise, physical damage, or tampering by unauthorized persons.
(b) When stored inside, you must not locate containers near exits, stairways, or in areas normally used or intended for the safe exit of people.
(c) You must protect container valves while in storage as follows:
(i) By setting into recess of container to prevent the possibility of their being struck if the container is dropped upon a flat surface, or
(ii) By ventilated cap or collar, fastened to container capable of withstanding blow from any direction equivalent to that of a thirty-pound weight dropped four feet. Construction must be such that a blow will not be transmitted to a valve or other connection.
(d) You must close the outlet valves of containers in storage must be closed.
(e) Empty containers which have been in LP-gas service should preferably be stored in the open. When stored inside, you must consider them as full containers for the purpose of determining the maximum quantity of LP-gas permitted by this section.
(3) Storage within buildings frequented by the public.
(a) DOT specification containers having a maximum individual water capacity of two and one-half pounds, used with completely self-contained hand torches and similar applications, are permitted to be stored or displayed in a building frequented by the public. You must limit the display of such containers to a total of twenty-four units of each brand and size. The total quantity on display and in storage must not exceed two hundred pounds LP-gas.
(b) You must not permit storage as provided in subsection (5) of this section within or attached to such a building.
(4) Storage within buildings not frequented by the public (such as industrial buildings).
(a) The quantity of LP-gas stored must not exceed three hundred pounds (approximately two thousand five hundred fifty cubic feet in vapor form) except as provided in subsection (5) of this section.
(b) Containers carried as a part of service equipment on highway mobile vehicles are not to be considered in the total storage capacity in (a) of this subsection provided such vehicles are stored in private garages, and are limited to one container per vehicle with an LP-gas capacity of not more than one hundred pounds. You must close all container valves.
(5) Storage within special buildings or rooms.
(a) The quantity of LP-gas stored in special buildings or rooms must not exceed 10,000 pounds.
(b) The walls, floors, and ceilings of container storage rooms that are within or adjacent to other parts of the building must be constructed of material having at least a two-hour fire resistance rating.
(c) A portion of the exterior walls or roof having an area not less than 10% of that of the combined area of the enclosing walls and roof must be of explosion relieving construction.
(d) You must protect each opening from such storage rooms to other parts of the building by a one and one-half-hour "(B)" fire door listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. Refer to federal regulation 29 C.F.R. 1910.7 for definition of nationally recognized testing laboratory.
(e) Such rooms must have no open flames for heating or lighting.
(f) You must adequately ventilate such rooms both top and bottom to the outside only. The openings from such vents must be at least 5 feet away from any other opening into any building.
(g) The floors of such rooms must not be below ground level. Any space below the floor must be of solid fill or properly ventilated to the open air.
(h) You must not locate such storage rooms adjoining the line of property occupied by schools, churches, hospitals, athletic fields or other points of public gathering.
(i) You must install fixed electrical equipment in accordance with WAC 296-24-47505(18).
(6) Storage outside of buildings.
(a) You must locate storage outside of buildings, for containers awaiting use or resale, in accordance with Table H-33 with respect to:
(i) The nearest important building or group of buildings;
(ii) The line of adjoining property which may be built upon;
(iii) Busy thoroughfares;
(iv) The line of adjoining property occupied by schools, churches, hospitals, athletic fields, or other points of public gathering.
Quantity of LP-Gas Stored:
pounds or less ————
2,500 pounds ————
6,000 pounds ————
10 feet
10,000 pounds ————
20 feet
10,000 pounds ————
25 feet
Container or containers must be at least ten feet from any building on adjoining property, any sidewalk, or any of the exposures described in (a)(iii) or (iv) of this subsection.
(b) Containers must be in a suitable enclosure or otherwise protected against tampering.
(7) Fire protection. You must provide storage locations other than supply depots separated and located apart from dealer, reseller, or user establishments with at least one approved portable fire extinguisher having a minimum rating of 8-B, C.
For additional requirements relating to portable fire extinguishers see WAC 296-800-300.
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