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PDFWAC 296-24-23523


(1) Preventive maintenance. You must establish a preventive maintenance program based on the crane manufacturer's recommendations.
(2) Maintenance procedure.
(a) Before adjustments and repairs are started on a crane you must take the following precautions:
(i) The crane to be repaired must be run to a location where it will cause the least interference with other cranes and operations in the area.
(ii) All controllers must be at the off position.
(iii) The main or emergency switch must be open and locked in the open position.
(iv) Warning or "out of order" signs must be placed on the crane, also on the floor beneath or on the hook where visible from the floor.
(v) Where other cranes are in operation on the same runway, rail stops or other suitable means must be provided to prevent interference with the idle crane.
(vi) Where temporary protective rail stops are not available, or practical, a signalperson should be placed at a visual vantage point for observing the approach of an active crane and warning its operator when reaching the limit of safe distance from the idle crane.
(b) After adjustments and repairs have been made you must not operate the crane until all guards have been reinstalled, safety devices reactivated and maintenance equipment removed.
(3) Adjustments and repairs.
(a) You must correct any unsafe conditions disclosed by the inspection requirements of WAC 296-24-23519 before operation of the crane is resumed. You must ensure that adjustments and repairs are done only by designated personnel.
(b) You must maintain adjustments to assure correct functioning of components. The following are examples:
(i) All functional operating mechanisms.
(ii) Limit switches.
(iii) Control systems.
(iv) Brakes.
(v) Power plants.
(c) You must provide repairs or replacements promptly as needed for safe operation. The following are examples:
(i) You must carefully examine accessory components, such as hooks, periodically and at the time of annual examination and inspection. You must discard cracked or deformed hooks immediately and not reused on any equipment subject to the provisions of this code.
(ii) Load attachment chains and rope slings showing defects described in WAC 296-24-23519 (2)(d) and (e) respectively.
(iii) All critical parts which are cracked, broken, bent, or excessively worn.
(iv) You must keep pendant control stations clean and function labels kept legible.
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