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PDFWAC 296-23-140

Custody of X-rays.

(1) Radiographs should not be sent to the department or self-insurer unless they are requested for comparison and interpretation in determining a permanent disability, administrative or legal decisions, and for cases in litigation. X-rays must be retained for a period of ten years by the radiologist or the attending doctor.
(2) X-rays must be made available upon request to consultants, to medical examiners, to the department, to self-insurers, and/or the board of industrial insurance appeals.
(3) In cases where the worker transfers from one doctor to another, the former attending doctor will immediately forward all films in his possession to the new attending doctor.
(4) When a doctor's office is closed because of death, retirement, or upon leaving the state, department approved custodial arrangements must be made to insure availability on request. If a radiological office is closed for any of the previously listed reasons or because the partnership or corporation is being dissolved, disposition of X-rays for industrial injuries will be handled in the same manner. In the event custodial arrangements are to be made, the department must approve the arrangements prior to transfer of X-rays to the custodian so as to assure their availability to the department or self-insurer upon request.
(5) Refer to chapter 296-20 WAC (including WAC 296-20-125) and to chapter 296-21 WAC for additional information.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.04.030 and 1993 c 159. WSR 93-16-072, ยง 296-23-140, filed 8/1/93, effective 9/1/93.]
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