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PDFWAC 296-17A-6411

Classification 6411.

Retail store operations limited to providing any combination of the following merchandise, supplies, or services:
• All types of phones;
• Beads;
• Books, newspapers, magazines, and comic books;
• Cameras;
• Cards (greeting, post, and sports);
• Cosmetics and fragrances;
• Laptops, electronic notebooks and pads, and other small electronic devices;
• Musical instruments (string, wood, brass, wind, and percussion);
• Photography and darkroom supplies;
• Records, music discs, tapes, videos, video games, and software disks;
• Small or portable entertainment players (or parts of player), radios, for homes, offices, or automobiles;
• Smoking accessories and tobacco products;
• Vaporizers and e-liquids;
• Other smaller items, such as playing cards, cups, calendars, puzzles, games, costume jewelry, cosmetics, pencils, pens, notebooks, etc.
Note: Stores in classification 6411 may also carry inventory listed in the scopes language of lower rated store risk classifications, along with the goods listed below, as long as the majority of the merchandise is described by the above list.
Classification 6411 includes:
• Cashiering;
• Cleaning and maintenance of store, storage areas, and associated business offices when performed by store employees;
• Inventory work by store employees;
• Sales of already-prepared snacks, and beverages (for off-site consumption), and/or promotional clothing;
• Parts and batteries for products included in classification 6411;
• Receiving and returning merchandise at store's loading area;
• Renting items normally sold in classification 6411;
• Sales work inside store;
• Store security and surveillance;
• Stocking.
Classification 6411 excludes:
• Stores selling merchandise described by a higher rated store classification;
• Delivery drivers who are reported separately in classification 1101;
• Door to door sales, which are reported separately in subclassification 6309-22;
• Stores using pallet jacks, fork lifts, conveyors, or other mechanized means of moving merchandise into and within store premises, which are classified in 6406 when merchandise is described by classification 6411 and/or classification 6406;
• Stand-alone distribution centers or warehouses which are to be reported separately in classification 6407;
• Repair or installation work, which must be reported separately;
• Sales of pets; see classifications 6406 and 7308;
• Working at coffee stands, lunch counters, or any on-site food preparation or manufacturing of candy, where employees' hours are to be reported separately in classification 3905;
• Employees doing custom framing; see classifications 6406 and 6309;
• Product demonstration services which are to be reported in subclassification 6406-40;
• Businesses providing inventory services which are to be reported in subclassification 6406-00;
• Wholesales, reported in classification 6407;
• High volume warehouse and distribution facilities which are reported separately in classification 6407.
For administrative purposes, classification 6411 is divided into the following retail store subclassification(s):
6411-00 Stores meeting the criteria for classification 6411, but not specifically described in any other subclassification. N.O.C.
6411-14 Wind, string, brass, and percussion musical instruments
Includes hand held keyboards and music instruction.
• Stores selling pianos and organs, see classifications 6406, 6309, and 6306;
• Repair of instruments, which is reported separately in classification 2906 or 3602; (if more than one is applicable, assign only the highest rated classification for all repair).
6411-19 Coins, stamps, rare metals, and collectible cards
6411-20 Books, videos, electronic games, music, newspapers, magazines, and comic books
Excludes establishments with coin or token arcades, to be reported in subclassification 6406-00.
6411-24 Tobacco, vaporizers and liquids, and smoking accessories
• Retail stores primarily selling marijuana infused grocery items or marijuana, see classification 6403;
• Retail bakeries selling a variety of baked goods infused with marijuana; see subclassification 3901-00.
6411-25 Phones, cameras, electronic tablets, laptops, and notebooks, GPS displays, small stereo components and other small portable electronic devices, N.O.C.
Includes stores and kiosks selling and/or arranging DSL, cable, or dish services for phones, computers, televisions and other devices.
• Stores selling office or school supplies, reported in subclassification 6406-11;
• Stores selling furniture or furniture kits; see classification 6406, 6309, or 6306;
• Stores providing photo development and printing, see classification 6406 or 6506;
• Workers performing repair work, which is to be reported separately in classification 3602.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020 and 51.16.035. WSR 20-20-108, § 296-17A-6411, filed 10/6/20, effective 1/1/21; WSR 19-11-109, § 296-17A-6411, filed 5/21/19, effective 7/1/19; WSR 18-11-113, § 296-17A-6411, filed 5/22/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.16.035 and WAC 296-17-31029. WSR 17-05-095, § 296-17A-6411, filed 2/14/17, effective 1/1/18.]
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