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PDFWAC 296-17A-6405

Classification 6405.

6405-01 Tire sales and service centers, including automobile or truck care service centers or repair garages operated in connection with a tire service or repair center
Applies to establishments engaged in the sale, installation, and repair of vehicle tires for others. This classification includes, but is not limited to, tire store employees, service managers, and auto care service employees. Services provided include, but are not limited to, tire mounting and balancing, in-shop or mobile service flat repair, alignments, brake service, muffler repair, tune-ups, and oil changes. It is common for tire centers to offer other automotive services such as wiper replacement, radiator flush, battery replacement and even major engine and transmission work which are also included in this classification. This classification is distinguishable from classification 3411 in that classification 6405 applies to any business that installs and services tires regardless of the number of tires sold. Establishments assigned to classification 3411 do not install or service tires. Classification 3411 is not to be assigned to an establishment assigned classification 6405.
This classification excludes towing services for hire which are to be reported separately in classification 1109 and tire sales and services centers which are also engaged in tire retreading operations which are to be reported separately in classification 6405-06.
6405-06 Tire rebuilding, retreading and/or recapping
Applies to establishments engaged in rubber tire rebuilding, retreading and/or recapping either at their tire dealership location, or at a location physically separate from the tire store. Rebuilding tires differs from the manufacture of tires in that rebuilding, recapping, or retreading simply restores used tires to a usable condition by bonding new rubber onto the existing work tread and lateral surface. First, tires are inspected for separations and penetrations. To remove the tread pattern, the casing is mounted on a wheel, inflated, and smoothed with a buffer or abrasive file. Any rocks, nail heads, etc., are pulled out with air tools, and the holes repaired with a rubber patch or a strip of rubber applied with an extruder gun. In the hot process, the buffed tire is put on a spinning wheel and unvulcanized tread rubber is wrapped around the tread area of the tire body either manually or mechanically. The tire is then placed inside a curing mold which has a tread design, and heated at 320 degrees for several hours so the rubber expands into the design and forms the tread. After the tire is removed from the vulcanizing mold, it is inflated to high pressure and cooled. In the cold process, commonly referred to as bandage, the new tread is a precured strip or rubber compound with the tread design already molded into it. Only enough old rubber is removed to true the tire and provide a bonding surface. Air hoses or solvents are used to remove contaminants which would interfere with the adhesion process. The tire is inflated to its normal running pressure and a rubber cement is applied over the buffed surface by spray gun or brush. When the cement dries the precured tread is wrapped around the casing. The strip is bonded to the tire casing under pressure and heated at 210 degrees in a curing chamber. This classification excludes tire dealers that do not perform rebuilding, recapping or retreading which are to be reported separately in classification 6405-01 and the manufacture of tires which is to be reported separately in classification 3513.
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