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PDFWAC 296-17A-4900

Classification 4900.

4900-00 Construction: Superintendent or project manager
Applies to employees with administrative oversight or management duties who visit or work at construction sites but who do not directly take part in any construction operations.
The work can include:
• Consulting with engineers, architects, or other design experts;
• Managing supervisors and coordinating subcontractor schedules;
• Ordering and scheduling equipment and supplies;
• Inspection of work.
This classification excludes anyone at a construction site who:
• Directly supervises the work of employees or independent contractors;
• Performs manual labor;
• Operates or repairs equipment;
• Delivers supplies or equipment.
If superintendents or project managers perform any excluded duties, then all of their hours for that project must be reported in the construction classification(s) applicable to the work they perform. If detailed records of the hourly work performed are not maintained, all project hours are reportable in the highest rated classification applicable to the construction project.
Special note: A construction superintendent or project manager may be reported in classification 4900 for any project where the classification's restrictions are met, even if the same individual must be reported in a basic construction classification for another construction project. A construction project is defined by a unique location and unique building permit.
Special note: This special exception classification can be assigned to an account only along with a basic construction classification that describes the applicable phase of construction for the project.
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