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PDFWAC 296-17A-4103

Classification 4103.

4103-01 Newspaper publishing
Applies to establishments engaged in publishing daily or periodic newspapers. This classification includes the printing, distribution and general maintenance activities of the newspaper. The printing operation usually consists of one of three processes: Offset lithography, letterpress, or flexography. After the papers are printed, they are cut, folded and stacked either manually or by computer-operated machinery. Route managers then distribute the papers to door-to-door carriers or independent route delivery drivers. Typical occupations covered by this classification include bindery workers, press operators, freight handlers, machine feeders, production helpers, maintenance workers and drivers.
This classification excludes photo composition or prepress work such as photographic or computerized typesetting, layout, paste up, editing, proofreading, camera work and automated platemaking which is to be reported separately in classification 4904; outside reporters, photographers, sales personnel, advertising staff and circulation solicitors who are to be reported separately in classification 6303; and establishments engaged in printing operations for newspapers published by other firms which are to be reported separately in classification 4101.
Special note:Employees of an employer subject to this classification who have both photographic composition/prepress work duties and duties which are subject to this classification (4103) are to be reported separately in classification 4103 without a division of work hours.
Newspapers without any printing operations are governed by the general reporting rule covering businesses described by a standard exception classification.
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