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PDFWAC 296-17A-0701

Classification 0701.

0701-00 New dam construction: All operations in dam site area
Applies to contractors engaged in the construction of new dams only, and includes all operations in the dam site area. A dam is a barrier built across a waterway to control the flow or level of water. Work contemplated by this classification includes the construction of the foundation and substructure such as, but not limited to, earth and rock excavation; boring or tunneling; pile driving or shaft sinking; caisson work; erection of cofferdams; placement of reinforcing steel and rebar; setting and stripping of forms, false work (temporary forms and support structures), concrete distributing apparatus; erection of scaffolds; pouring and finishing concrete; and the placement of gates, turbines, control towers and electrical wiring apparatus. This classification also includes the incidental construction of fish ladders as part of the new dam construction project.
This classification excludes all other construction, service, or repair work done as part of an existing dam which is to be reported separately in the classification applicable to the phase of construction work being performed. For example, the inspection of the foundation by divers is to be reported separately in classification 0202; the patching of cracks in the dam is to be reported separately in classification 0518.
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