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WAC 296-17A-0502

Classification 0502.

0502-04 Floor coverings or countertops: Installation or removal
Applies to contractors engaged in the installation or removal of floor coverings or countertops.
• Floor coverings include, but are not limited to, carpet, vinyl, laminate, tile, terrazzo, or parquet;
• Countertops include, but are not limited to, laminate, tile, and solid surface (synthetic).
Tile is various sizes and shapes, usually from 1" x 1" up to 24" x 24" and packaged in a box. Tile installation in this classification includes, but is not limited to:
• Ceramic, glass, or clay tiles;
• Stone in tile-size dimensions, often used for interior installations in floors, showers, countertops, and backsplashes such as:
– Granite;
– Marble;
– Slate.
Work contemplated by this classification includes the installation and/or removal of:
• Countertops;
• Flooring;
• Padding;
• Tack or door strips;
• Subflooring;
• Base boards;
• Artificial turf when used for areas such as patios, and laid similarly to carpet.
This classification excludes contractors engaged in:
• The installation of stone countertops as described in classification 0302;
• The installation of hardwood countertops or flooring which is to be reported separately in classification 0513;
• The installation of countertops as described in this classification when the installation is part of an interior finish carpentry or cabinetry contract, which is to be reported in classification 0513;
• The installation of brick, block and slab stone as described in classification 0302;
• The installation of roofing tiles which is to be reported separately in classification 0507;
• The installation of artificial field turf in landscaping projects or athletic fields which is to be reported in classification 0301; and
• Floor covering stores which are to be reported separately in the applicable classification.
Special note: Contractors often have a showroom to display examples of their work and products which they install. If all the conditions of the general reporting rules covering standard exception employees have been met, employees engaged exclusively in showing the display areas or showrooms to customers are to be assigned classification 6303.
0502-99 Floor coverings or countertops: Installation or removal
Applies to floor covering contractors who consider themselves to be independent contractors, have no employees, and have not elected owner coverage for themselves.
The purpose of assigning this classification is to allow the independent contractor the opportunity to be checked for "account in good standing" status for prime contractor liability.
Special note: Any contractor who hires employees or elects owner coverage is required to report in the applicable construction classification.
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