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PDFWAC 296-155-695

Miscellaneous concrete construction.

(1) General provisions.
(a) Deadheads used in post tensioning of tendons must be the type that will increase the grip on the cable as the tension is increased.
(b) Proper means and equipment must be used to prevent the over-tensioning of the tendons.
(c) Only qualified workers must perform this type work.
(2) Prestressed and poststressed concrete operations.
(a) Anchor fitting. In utilizing anchor fittings for tensioned strands, the recommendations and instructions of the supplier concerning installation, maintenance, and replacement must be followed.
(b) You must keep tools and strand vices clean and in good repair.
(c) Safety factor.
(i) Expendable strand deflection devices used to pretension concrete members must have a minimum safety factor of two.
(ii) Reusable strand deflection devices must have a minimum safety factor of 3.
(d) Jacking operations.
(i) During jacking operations of any tensioning element or group of tensioning elements, you must keep the anchors turned up close to the anchorplate.
(ii) You must not permit anyone to stand in line or directly over the jacking equipment during tensioning operations.
(iii) Employees must not stand behind the jack during tensioning operations.
(e) Jacking and pulling equipment. You must frequently inspect headers, bolts, and hydraulic rams for indication of fatigue, and the threads on bolts and nuts inspected for diminishing cross section.
(f) Storage. You must store stressed members on a level base and adequately supported during storage and transportation to prevent tipping.
(g) Rigging.
(i) You must handle stressed members at pick points specifically designated on the manufacturer's drawings.
(ii) You must lift stressed members with lifting devices recommended by the manufacturer or the engineer in charge.
(iii) You must not allow anyone under stressed members during lifting and erection.
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