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PDFWAC 296-155-685

Tubular welded frame shoring.

(1) Metal tubular frames used for shoring must have allowable loads based on tests conducted according to the Recommended Procedure for Compression Testing of Scaffolds and Shores, Scaffolding & Shoring Institute, 1967.
(2) Design of shoring layouts must be based on allowable loads which were obtained using the test procedures of subsection (1) of this section and on at least a two and one-half to one safety factor.
(3) You must inspect all metal frame shoring equipment before erection.
(4) You must not use metal frame shoring equipment and accessories if heavily rusted, bent, dented, rewelded, or having broken weldments or other defects.
(5) All locking devices on frames and braces must be in good working order, coupling pins must align the frame or panel legs, pivoted cross braces must have their center pivot in place, and all components must be in a condition similar to that of original manufacture.
(6) When checking the erected shoring frames with the shoring layout, the spacing between towers and cross-brace spacing must not exceed that shown on the layout, and all locking devices must be in the closed position.
(7) Devices for attaching the external lateral stability bracing must be securely fastened to the legs of the shoring frames.
(8) All baseplates, shore heads, extension devices, or adjustment screws must be in firm contact with the footing sill and the form material, and must be snug against the legs of the frames.
(9) Eccentric loads on shore heads and similar members are prohibited unless the shore heads have been designed for such loading.
(10) When formwork is installed at an angle, or sloping, or when the surface shored from is sloping, the shoring must be designed for such loading.
(11) Adjustment screws must not be adjusted to raise formwork after the concrete is in place.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, 49.17.040, 49.17.050, 49.17.060. WSR 16-09-085, § 296-155-685, filed 4/19/16, effective 5/20/16. Statutory Authority: Chapter 49.17 RCW. WSR 89-11-035 (Order 89-03), § 296-155-685, filed 5/15/89, effective 6/30/89; Order 74-26, § 296-155-685, filed 5/7/74, effective 6/6/74.]
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