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PDFWAC 296-155-367

Masonry saws.

(1) Guarding.
(a) Masonry saws must be guarded by semicircular enclosures over the blade.
(b) A method for retaining blade fragments must be incorporated into the design of the semicircular enclosure.
(2) Safety latch. A safety latch must be installed on notched saws to prevent the motor and cutting head assembly from lifting out of the notches.
(3) Blade speed. You must maintain blade speed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
(4) Exhaust and eye protection.
(a) All table mounted masonry saws must be equipped with a mechanical means of exhausting dust into a covered receptacle or be provided with water on the saw blade for dust control. The operator and any nearby worker must wear appropriate eye protection in accordance with WAC 296-155-215.
(b) All portable hand-held masonry saw operators must wear appropriate eye and respiratory protection in accordance with WAC 296-155-215 and chapter 296-842 WAC.
(5) Grounding. The motor frames of all stationary saws must be grounded through conduit, water pipe, or a driven ground. Portable saws must be grounded through 3-pole cords attached to grounded electrical systems.
(6) Inspection. You must inspect masonry saws at regular intervals and maintained in safe operating condition.
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