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PDFWAC 296-155-100

Management's responsibility.

(1) It is the responsibility of management to establish, supervise, and enforce, in a manner which is effective in practice:
(a) A safe and healthful working environment.
(b) An accident prevention program as required by these standards.
(c) Training programs to improve the skill and competency of all employees in the field of occupational safety and health.
(2) You must instruct employees required to handle or use poisons, caustics, and other harmful substances regarding the safe handling and use, and be made aware of the potential hazards, personal hygiene, and personal protective measures required.
(3) In job site areas where harmful plants or animals are present, you must instruct employees who may be exposed regarding the potential hazards, and how to avoid injury, and the first-aid procedures to be used in the event of injury.
(4) You must instruct employees required to handle or use flammable liquids, gases, or toxic materials in the safe handling and use of these materials and made aware of the specific requirements contained in Parts B, D, and other applicable parts of this standard.
(5) Permit-required confined spaces. The requirements of chapters 296-24, 296-62 and 296-155 WAC apply.
(6) You must ensure that work assignments place no employee in a position or location not within ordinary calling distance of another employee able to render assistance in case of emergency.
This subsection does not apply to operators of motor vehicles, watchpersons or other jobs which, by their nature, are single employee assignments. However, a definite procedure for checking the welfare of all employees during working hours should be instituted and all employees so advised.
(7) You must post and keep posted a notice or notices (Job Safety and Health Protection - Form F416-081-909) to be furnished by the department of labor and industries, informing employees of the protections and obligations provided for in the act and that for assistance and information, including copies of the act, and of specific safety and health standards employees should contact the employer or the nearest office of the department of labor and industries. You must post such notice or notices at each establishment in a conspicuous place or places where notices to employees are customarily posted. You must take steps to ensure that such notices are not altered, defaced, or covered by other material.
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