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PDFWAC 296-150T-0320

What must I provide with my request for design-plan approval by the department?

All requests for design-plan approval must include:
(1) A completed design-plan approval request form;
(2) One complete set of design plans, specifications, engineering analysis when required, test procedures and results plus one additional set for each manufacturing location where the design plan will be used (see WAC 296-150T-0340 and 296-150T-0350);
(3) If required, at least one set of design plans must have an original wet stamp from a professional engineer or architect licensed in Washington state. All new, renewed, and resubmitted plans, specifications, reports and structural calculations prepared by or prepared under his or her direct supervision shall be signed, dated and stamped with their seal. Specifications, reports, and structural calculations may be stamped only on the first sheet, provided this first sheet identifies all of the sheets that follow are included and identified in the same manner. Plans that have not been prepared by or under the engineer's or architect's supervision shall be reviewed by them and they shall prepare a report concerning the plans reviewed. This report shall:
(a) Identify which drawings have been reviewed by drawing number and date;
(b) Include a statement that the plans are in compliance with current Washington state regulations; and
(c) The report shall be stamped and signed by the reviewer.
Any deficiencies shall be corrected on the drawings before submitting to the department or be included in the report and identify as to how they are to be corrected. This report shall be attached to the plan(s) that were reviewed. We will retain the set with the original wet stamp;
(4) A one-time initial filing fee and the design-plan fee (see WAC 296-150T-3000); and
(5) A "key drawing" to show the arrangement of modules if the plan covers three or more modules.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.22.480. WSR 99-12-079, ยง 296-150T-0320, filed 5/28/99, effective 6/28/99.]
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