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PDFWAC 296-150P-0560

What information must a manufacturer send to the department when a professional or firm does the design-plan approval?

You must send us the following information in your approved design plans:
(1) A completed departmental design-plan approval request form;
(2) A set of the design plan drawings, specifications, engineering analysis, and test results and procedures necessary for a complete code evaluation of the design. When required by chapter 196-23 or 308-12 WAC, design documents prepared by licensed professionals must be sealed;
(3) A cover sheet on the design plan noting which professional approved each portion of the design plan;
(4) A copy of the authorization letter from us; and
(5) The design plan fee for design plans approved by professionals or firms. (See WAC 296-150P-3000.)
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.22 RCW. WSR 23-09-024, ยง 296-150P-0560, filed 4/11/23, effective 4/11/23.]
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