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PDFWAC 296-150P-0020

What definitions apply to this chapter?

"Alteration" is the replacement, addition, modification, or removal of any equipment or material that affects the fire and life safety provisions, structural system, plumbing systems, fuel systems and equipment or electrical systems of a recreational park trailer.
The following changes are not considered alterations for purposes of this chapter:
• Repairs with approved parts;
• Modification of a fuel-burning appliance according to the terms of its listing; and
• Adjustment and maintenance of equipment.
"Alteration insignia" is an insignia which indicates a recreational park trailer alteration was approved by the department.
"ANSI" is the American National Standards Institute, Inc., and the institute's rules applicable to recreational park trailers. For the purposes of this chapter, references to ANSI mean ANSI A119.5 Recreational Park Trailers, current edition.
"Approved" is approved by the department of labor and industries.
"Audit" by the department is the department inspection of a manufacturer's quality control procedures, comprehensive plans, and recreational park trailers.
"Comprehensive design plan" consists of the design plans and copies of drawings such as:
• Floor plans relating to fire and life safety, structural, electrical, plumbing, liquefied petroleum (LP) and/or natural gas systems and appliances and air conditioning systems, if applicable to the plan of each recreational park trailer.
• Plumbing line drawings which describe the size, length and location of gas piping lines, liquid and body waste lines, liquid and body waste tanks, and potable water tanks.
• Electrical drawings. (See WAC 296-150P-0330.)
"Consumer" is a person or organization who buys or leases recreational park trailers.
"Dealer" is a person or organization whose business is offering recreational park trailers for sale or lease.
"Department" is the department of labor and industries. The department may be referred to as "we" or "us" in this chapter. Note: You may contact us at: Department of Labor and Industries, Specialty Compliance, P.O. Box 44430, Olympia, WA 98504-4430.
"Equipment" is all material, appliances, fixtures, and accessories used in the manufacture or alteration of recreational park trailers.
"Manual" is a reference containing instructions, procedures, responsibilities and other information used to implement and maintain the quality control program of a recreational park trailer manufacturer.
"National Electrical Code" see Appendix 'C' of ANSI A119.5 for reference to the appropriate edition to use for compliance.
"Recreational park trailer" also known as a "park model recreational vehicle" is a trailer-type unit that is primarily designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or seasonal use, that meets the following criteria:
• Built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels;
• Having a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet (37.15 square meters) in the set-up mode; and
• Certified by the manufacturer as complying with ANSI A119.5.
"Quality control" is the plan and method for ensuring that the manufacture, fabrication, assembly, installation, storing, handling, and use of materials complies with this chapter and ANSI.
"State-plan insignia" is an insignia which is obtained under the state design-plan approval process.
"Submitted design plan" is a plan that:
• Has been received by the department for review; and
• The plan approval fee is paid; and
• Is awaiting an initial design plan review.
"System" is a part of a recreational park trailer that is designed to serve a particular function such as plumbing, electrical, heating, mechanical or structural system.
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