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PDFWAC 296-150I-0390

What are the requirements for on-site structures and who regulates them?

On-site structures, sometimes referred to as auxiliary structures, such as, but not limited to, carports, decks, and steps should be self-supporting.
(1) Local enforcement agency jurisdiction.
(a) On-site self-supporting structures that do not use any of the systems in the manufactured home are inspected by the local enforcement agency and they should be contacted for specific on-site structure requirements.
(b) Awnings and carports that are self-supported by a beam next to a manufactured (mobile) home are inspected by the local enforcement agency.
The awning or carport may be flashed to the manufactured (mobile) home.
(2) Department of labor and industries jurisdiction.
(a) On-site structures that are not self-supporting or use one or more of the systems of the manufactured home require an inspection by the department and by the local enforcement agency.
(b) Awnings and carports that are attached to the manufactured (mobile) home without the benefit of a self-supported beam require approval and inspection by the department.
This attachment must be designed and approved by an engineer or an architect licensed in Washington state. Furthermore, these stamped plans must be submitted to the department and approved before an inspection can be conducted.
(c) Attached garages:
(i) If the manufactured (mobile) home is built "garage ready" (one hour fire wall, dormer, etc.) at the factory and is installed by the manufacturer, an alteration inspection may not be required.
(ii) If the manufactured (mobile) home is not built "garage ready" at the factory, an alteration inspection is required for all changes made to it.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.22A RCW and 2007 c 432. WSR 08-12-040, ยง 296-150I-0390, filed 5/30/08, effective 6/30/08.]
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