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PDFWAC 296-150C-1320

Dielectric strength test.

(1)(a) The wiring of each commercial coach must be subjected to a one-minute, 900-volt, dielectric strength test between live parts (including neutral) and the commercial coach ground. All switches must be closed during the test. (Closed switches are in the on position.)
(b) The test may also be performed at 1,080 volts for one second. This test must be performed after branch circuits are complete and after fixtures or appliances are installed.
Fixtures and appliances are not required to withstand the dielectric strength test.
(2) Each commercial coach designed with a 480-volt electrical system must be subjected to a one-minute 1,275-volt dielectric strength test between current-carrying conductors and the coach ground. The test may also be performed at 1,500 volts for one second.
(3) Low-voltage circuit conductors in each commercial coach must withstand the applied potential without electrical breakdown of a one-minute, 500-volt, or a one-second, 600-volt, dielectric strength test. The potential must be applied between live and grounded conductors.
(4) The test is to be performed by the manufacturer and witnessed by the inspector.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.22.340, [43.22.]355, [43.22.]360, [43.22.]432, [43.22.]440 and [43.22.]480. WSR 96-21-146, ยง 296-150C-1320, filed 10/23/96, effective 11/25/96.]
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