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PDFWAC 296-15-223

Self-insurance administrative assessment.

(1) The administrative assessment covers the department's administrative costs, including direct and indirect expenses of each department division, the University of Washington environmental research facility, and the board of industrial insurance appeals. The assessment is paid quarterly at the same time a self-insurer submits its quarterly report.
(2) The administrative assessment rate is determined annually for each fiscal year. Each self-insured employer uses one of three rates:
(a) The base administrative rate is based on the actual costs of the previous fiscal year and the anticipated costs of the upcoming fiscal year. This rate is used by any active self-insured employer certified after the fiscal year used for calculation.
(b) The adjusted administrative assessment rate includes the base rate with adjustments for over or under collections from prior periods. This rate is used by any active self-insured employer certified during or prior to the fiscal year used for calculation.
(c) Employers who have voluntarily surrendered their self-insurance certificate must pay the inactive rate until one year after all self-insurance liabilities and responsibilities are terminated. Usually, administrative assessment payments for inactive self-insurers can stop after reporting total claims costs of zero dollars for four consecutive quarters. Payments may again be due if any future costs are reported.
(3) The total administrative assessment due each quarter is calculated by multiplying the self-insurer's rate by their total claims costs during that quarter.
(4) The minimum quarterly administrative assessment for all self-insured employers is twenty-five dollars, unless the self-insurer is not required to make payment (see subsection (2)(c) of this section).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.14.077, 51.14.150, 51.14.160, 51.44.040, 51.44.070, and 51.44.150. WSR 09-13-018, ยง 296-15-223, filed 6/5/09, effective 7/6/09.]
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