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PDFWAC 292-100-007


Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Board staff" shall include the executive director, investigators, administrative officer, and assistant attorneys general who bring cases before the board.
(2) "Complainant" means a person who has filed a complaint with the board.
(3) "Employing agency" means the former or current state agency of the respondent during the time the alleged violation occurred.
(4) "Investigation" means the fact finding conducted prior to a dismissal or reasonable cause determination.
(5) "Party" includes the board staff and the respondent.
(6) "Presiding officer" refers to the board chair, vice chair, a board member designated as presiding officer by the chair or vice chair, or an administrative law judge.
(7) "Respondent" means a current or former state officer or state employee alleged to have violated chapter 42.52 RCW.
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