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PDFWAC 287-02-080

Review of denials of requests for public records.

(1)(a) Any person who has been denied an opportunity to inspect or copy a public record by the WSIB or who believes that the WSIB has not made a reasonable estimate of the time required to respond to a public record request may petition the WSIB for prompt review of its decision.
(b) The petition shall be in writing and shall include a copy of, or reasonably identify, the written statement by the public records officer denying the request or providing the estimate.
(c) The petition shall be sent to the public records officer at the WSIB's administrative offices or by email at The public records officer will promptly provide the petition and any other relevant information to the executive director or the assigned delegate.
(2) The executive director or assigned delegate will immediately consider the petition and either affirm or reverse the denial or the estimate. This review will be complete within five business days following WSIB's receipt of the petition, or within such times as mutually agreed by WSIB and the requestor.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 42.56.040, 42.56.070, 42.56.100, 42.56.120, and 2017, c 304. WSR 18-18-013, § 287-02-080, filed 8/24/18, effective 9/24/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 42.56.040. WSR 16-24-047, § 287-02-080, filed 12/1/16, effective 1/1/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 34.04.020(2), 42.17.250 and 42.17.260. WSR 81-23-012 (Order 81-1), § 287-02-080, filed 11/10/81.]
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