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PDFWAC 284-55-205

Medicare supplement loss ratio experience form required.

The form provided at WAC 284-55-210 shall be filed with the commissioner annually not later than June 30th of each calendar year beginning June 30, 1990. The form is to be filed in addition to the NAIC experience exhibit and not in lieu thereof.
The following instructions must be followed when completing the form:
(1) The data shall be furnished in the same format and order as that shown at WAC 284-55-210;
(2) The name of the insurer must be clearly shown at the top of each page;
(3) Separate data must be shown for each policy form number and for each policy duration of each form;
(4) The current approved rate schedule for each policy form number shall be attached to the experience form and shall show the policy form number for purposes of identification;
(5) Incurred losses shall include claims paid and the change in claim reserves and liabilities. A list of items that are not to be included in incurred losses is provided at WAC 284-55-115(4);
(6) The loss ratio shall be the ratio of incurred losses to earned premium;
(7) The experience form shall be certified by an officer of the insurer;
(8) Complete data is required for each policy form on both a national basis and for policies sold in the state of Washington;
(9) Policy reserves shall include:
(a) Active life reserves;
(b) Contingency and additional reserves;
(c) Increased reserves which may be required by the commissioner.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060 (3)(a) and 48.66.050. WSR 89-11-096 (Order R 89-7), ยง 284-55-205, filed 5/24/89.]
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