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PDFWAC 284-55-067

Notice regarding policies or subscriber contracts which are not medicare supplement policies.

Any accident and sickness insurance policy or subscriber contract, other than a medicare supplement policy, disability income policy, basic, comprehensive, or major medical expense policy, single premium nonrenewable policy or other policy identified in WAC 284-55-020 (2)(c) and (d), issued for delivery in this state to persons eligible for medicare by reason of age, shall notify insureds under the policy or subscriber contract that the policy or subscriber contract is not a medicare supplement insurance policy. Such notice shall either be printed or attached to the first page of the outline of coverage delivered to insureds under the policy or subscriber contract, or if no outline of coverage is delivered, to the first page of the policy, certificate or subscriber contract delivered to insureds. Such notice shall be in no less than twelve point type and shall contain the following language: "this (policy, certificate or subscriber contract) is not a medicare supplement (policy or certificate). If you are eligible for medicare, review the Medicare Supplement Buyers Guide available from the company."
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060 (3)(a) and 48.30.010(2). WSR 88-22-061 (Order R 88-9), § 284-55-067, filed 11/1/88. Statutory Authority: RCW 48.66.100, 48.20.470 and 1982 c 200 § 1. WSR 82-12-032 (Order R 82-3), § 284-55-067, filed 5/26/82.]
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