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PDFWAC 284-54-015

Applicability and scope.

(1) Except as otherwise specifically provided, this chapter shall apply to every policy, contract, or certificate, and riders pertaining thereto, of an insurer, fraternal benefit society, health care service contractor, or health maintenance organization, if such contract is primarily advertised, marketed, or designed to provide long-term care services over a prolonged period of time, which services may range from direct skilled medical care performed by trained medical professionals as prescribed by a physician or qualified case manager in consultation with the patient's attending physician to rehabilitative services and assistance with the basic necessary functions of daily living for people who have lost some or complete capacity to function on their own. Such contract is "long-term care insurance" or a "long-term care contract," and is subject to this chapter.
(2) Pursuant to RCW 48.84.020, this chapter shall not apply to medicare supplement insurance; nor shall it apply to a contract between a continuing care retirement community and its residents.
(3) Long-term care contracts not meeting the requirements of this chapter, may not be issued or delivered in this state after December 31, 1987.
(4) This chapter is applicable only to long-term care policies, contracts, or certificates issued prior to January 1, 2009. Long-term care policies, contracts, or certificates delivered under policies issued on or after January 1, 2009, are governed by chapters 48.83 RCW and 284-83 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.83.070, 48.83.110, 48.83.120, 48.83.130(1), and 48.83.140 (4)(a). WSR 08-24-019 (Matter No. R 2008-09), § 284-54-015, filed 11/24/08, effective 12/25/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060(3), 48.30.010 and 48.84.910. WSR 87-15-027 (Order R 87-7), § 284-54-015, filed 7/9/87.]
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