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PDFWAC 284-50-425

Limited benefit health coverage, outline of coverage.

An outline of coverage, in substantially the following form, shall be issued in connection with policies which do not meet the minimum standards of WAC 284-50-335 through 284-50-365.
(company name)
limited benefit health coverage
outline of coverage
(1) Read your policy carefully - This outline of coverage provides a very brief description of the important features of your policy. This is not the insurance contract and only the actual policy provisions will control. The policy itself sets forth in detail the rights and obligations of both you and your insurance company. It is, therefore, important that you read your policy carefully!
(2) Limited benefit health coverage - Policies of this category are designed to provide, to persons insured, limited or supplemental coverage.
(3) (A brief specific description of the benefits, including dollar amounts, contained in this policy.)
The above description of benefits shall be stated clearly and concisely, and shall include a description of any deductible or copayment provisions applicable to the benefits described. Proper disclosure of benefits which vary according to accidental cause shall be made in accordance with subsection (13) of WAC 284-50-330.
(4) (A description of any policy provisions which exclude, eliminate, restrict, reduce, limit, delay, or in any other manner operate to qualify payment of the benefits described in (3) above.)
(5) (A description of policy provisions respecting renewability or continuation of coverage, including age restrictions or any reservation of right to change premiums.)
[Order R-76-4, ยง 284-50-425, filed 10/29/76, effective 3/1/77.]
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