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PDFWAC 284-29-255

Other things of value that title companies are permitted to give to producers.

(1) A title company must not give, offer to give, provide, or offer to provide nontitle services (for example: Computerized bookkeeping, forms management, computer programming, trust accounting for trust accounts not held in the name of the title company, short sale consultants, or transaction coordination) or any similar benefit to a producer, without charging and actually receiving a fee equal to the value of the services provided and in an amount at not less than what the producer would pay if the services were purchased on the open market or the title company's cost to provide the service, whichever is greater.
(2) A title company must not allow the use of any part of its premises (for example, its conference rooms or meeting rooms) to a producer without receiving a fair rental charge equal to the average rental for similar premises in the area.
(3) A title company may allow the use of a part of its premises (for example, its conference rooms or meeting rooms) for no charge to a meeting of a trade association for no more than four meetings in a calendar year.
(4) Title company employees may attend activities and business meetings of producers if all of the following standards are met:
(a) There is no cost to the employee or title company other than the employee's own entry fees, registration fees, meals, or other costs associated with the activity or business meeting;
(b) The fees paid by the title company are no greater than those charged to producer attendees; and
(c) If the title company pays a fee for an employee to attend the activity or business meeting, the title company employee must actually attend the activity or business meeting, unless an emergency prevents attendance.
(5) A title company may advance the recording fees for transactions for which the title company is either issuing the title insurance or conducting the escrow, or both, provided the title company is promptly reimbursed for the recording fees that it advanced.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.29.005 and 48.29.210. WSR 09-05-077 (Matter No. R 2008-21), ยง 284-29-255, filed 2/17/09, effective 3/20/09.]
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