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PDFWAC 284-17-210


The following definitions apply to WAC 284-17-200 through 284-17-312, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:
(1) "Approved course" means an insurance continuing education course formally approved by the commissioner.
(2) "Attendance register" is a record used to document attendance.
(a) For a classroom course, this includes each attendee's arrival time, departure time, and signature.
(b) For a webinar course, this includes the time the attendee starts the class, the attendee's participation activity, and the time the attendee exits the class.
(3) "Certificate of completion" means a document signed by an authorized designee of the insurance education provider attesting to the satisfactory completion of the course and confirming the credit hours earned.
(4) "Classroom course" means course activities or information that occur in real time at a specific time, date, and place, and that are delivered by an instructor. A classroom course includes a live lecture, seminar, workshop or presentation delivered in real time by internet connection to a classroom where attendees are gathered.
(5) "Completion date" means:
(a) For a classroom course or webinar course, the date the course presentation ends;
(b) For a self-study course, the date the continuing education provider confirms that the student passed the final course examination.
(6) "Continuing education program coordinator" means the person designated by the continuing education provider to monitor the provider's compliance with Washington continuing education laws and regulations.
(7) "Course effective date" means the first date an approved course can be offered for credit.
(8) "Course number" means the identifying number assigned by the commissioner to an approved insurance education course.
(9) "Course outline" means:
(a) For a classroom or webinar course, a list of topics describing the continuing education content, including the time allotted to each topic; or
(b) For a self-study course, a list of topics describing the continuing education course content, including the word count for the topics.
(10) "Credit hour" means the value assigned to a course by the commissioner.
(11) "Instructor" means an individual who has work experience and education in the topic(s) of instruction who has been designated by the insurance education provider to teach an approved classroom or webinar course.
(12) "Insurance designation course" means a course of study taken to achieve an insurance professional certification, requiring passage of several standardized examinations, and granted by an insurance or professional organization or an accredited educational institution.
(13) "Licensee" means a person who has an active resident Washington insurance license and who is required to complete insurance continuing education to maintain the license.
(14) "Monitor" means the individual responsible for verifying class attendance and course completion for a classroom or webinar course.
(15) "Provider" or "insurance education provider" means any insurer, health care service contractor, health maintenance organization, professional association, educational institution, vocational school, or independent contractor authorized by the commissioner to conduct and certify completion of insurance education courses.
(16) "Provider number" means the identifying number assigned by the commissioner to an approved insurance education provider.
(17) "Request for approval," depending on the context, means either a request for authority to act as an insurance education provider or for approval of a continuing education course.
(18) "Roster" means a course completion record filed with the insurance commissioner to report continuing education credit for a licensee.
(19) "Self-study" courses include course activities or information delivered outside of real time (recorded or written) and available at any time, including correspondence or online training.
(20) "Waiver" means an approved exemption from this state's continuing education requirement granted by the commissioner.
(21) "Webinar course" includes course activities or information that occur in real time that are led by an instructor, delivered to remote attendees using the internet, have a specific start time and end time, and require licensees to enroll before gaining access to the instructor, information, and course activities.
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