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PDFWAC 284-17-120

Resident insurance producer licensees—Examination required, procedures.

Prior to the transaction of insurance, an applicant for a resident insurance producer's license must take and pass the required examination for each line of authority applied for, submit an application form with the required attachments and fees, and receive a license from the commissioner.
(1) Examinations.
(a) Any resident person applying to take an examination for a license listed in this section must submit a registration form and the applicable examination fee to an independent testing service designated by the commissioner.
(i) The examination fee is not refundable.
(ii)Registration forms and information about examinations may be obtained from the commissioner or from the independent testing service under contract with the commissioner to conduct licensing examinations in this state.
(iii) An examination registration form can be downloaded through the commissioner's website and current information about registered testing services, fees, dates, and other information is available through the commissioner's website at
(b) The examinations required for each line of authority are identified on the commissioner's website at: The independent testing service will conduct these examinations at least once each month at predetermined locations.
(c) If an applicant fails to take a scheduled examination, and requests to take the exam at a later date, a new examination date must be scheduled and a new examination fee must be paid, unless repayment of the fee is waived by the commissioner because the commissioner agrees that a serious emergency prevented the applicant's attendance at the scheduled date.
(d) Examinations will be graded by the independent testing service and each applicant will be provided a score report.
(2) Application for a license. The application for a license must be accompanied by all of the following: The score report from the testing service, a completed insurance license application, one fingerprint card, and the applicable license and filing fees. Specific instructions for applying for a license may be found on the commissioner's website at:
(3) Approval by the commissioner. The commissioner will review the application and if all requirements have been met will issue the license(s).
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