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PDFWAC 284-16-540

Reserves for waiver of premium.

(1) Waiver of premium reserves involve several special considerations. First, many disability valuation tables are based on exposures that include contracts on premium waiver as in-force contracts. Hence, contract reserves based on these tables are not reserves on "active lives" but rather reserves on contracts "in force." This is true for the 1964 CDT and for both the 1985 CIDA and CIDB Tables.
(2) Accordingly, tabular reserves using any of these tables should value reserves on the following basis:
(a) Claim reserves should include reserves for premiums expected to be waived, valuing as a minimum the valuation net premium being waived.
(b) Premium reserves should include contracts on premium waiver as in-force contracts, valuing as a minimum the unearned modal valuation net premium being waived.
(c) Contract reserves should include recognition of the waiver of premium benefit in addition to other contract benefits provided for, valuing as a minimum the valuation net premium to be waived.
(3) If an insurer is, instead, valuing reserves on what is truly an active life table, or if a specific valuation table is not being used but the insurer's gross premiums are calculated on a basis that includes in the projected exposure only those contracts for which premiums are being paid, then it may not be necessary to provide specifically for waiver of premium reserves. Any insurer using such a true "active life" basis should carefully consider, however, whether or not additional liability should be recognized on account of premiums waived during periods of disability or during claim continuation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060. WSR 92-19-038 (Order R 92-8), ยง 284-16-540, filed 9/9/92, effective 10/10/92.]
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