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PDFWAC 260-60-350

Requirements for a claim.

(1) Claims must be made in writing and signed by an owner, a licensed prospective owner, or an authorized agent; and
(2) Be made on forms and in envelopes furnished by the association and approved by the commission. Both forms and envelopes must be filled out completely, and must be sufficiently accurate to identify the claim.
(3) In the case of joint ownership only one owner needs to sign.
(4) No money will accompany the claim. Each person desiring to make a claim, must first establish an account with the racing association and have on deposit with the association the whole amount of the claim (including any applicable taxes). The deposit must be in cash, or in the discretion of the association, a certified or bank cashier check.
(5) Claims must be deposited in the claiming box at least fifteen minutes before the established post time of the race for which the claim is filed. When a claim has been filed it is irrevocable and at the risk of claimant.
(6) When a claiming certificate is to be used, that certificate must accompany the claim, or the claim may be declared void.
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