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PDFWAC 260-36-100


(1) Every person, between the ages of eighteen and sixty-nine, applying for a license must furnish the commission his or her fingerprints upon making an initial application for a license.
Persons who have previously held a license while under the age of eighteen must furnish fingerprints in the license period which follows their eighteenth birthday whenever an application is submitted.
(2) Following the initial application, each person that meets the requirements in subsection (1) of this section must then submit fingerprints at an interval determined by the commission. However, the commission, executive secretary, stewards, or security investigators, in their discretion, may require fingerprints from any applicant or licensee, regardless of age, at any time.
(3) If fingerprints are requested for any applicant or licensee over the age of sixty-nine or under the age of eighteen, the entire cost of submission will be due at time of processing.
(4) If an applicant fails to furnish fingerprints, the stewards may suspend the license or deny, and/or assess a fine.
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