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PDFWAC 260-28-200

TrainerPaddock duties.

(1) A trainer must have his or her horse in the receiving barn or paddock at the time appointed.
(2) A trainer, their assistant trainer, or substitute trainer, must attend his or her horse in the paddock, and must be present to conduct, or directly supervise, the saddling of the horse.
(a) If a trainer or assistant trainer directly supervises the saddling of the horse, only licensees that have demonstrated the skills required and have been approved by a commission appointed designee may physically saddle the horse. The trainer will be required to pay a L&I premium if the licensee which performs the duties is not a registered employee of the trainer or the owner of the horse.
(b) An owner may be approved to saddle, but may only saddle horses in which they have an ownership interest.
(3) In all claiming races, protective wraps and boots must be removed immediately after the horse has been saddled for the race.
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